Sales Accelerator: The Discovery Call Script

How to book more sales calls from your website leads

Want more sales from your leads? This post explains how to get more sales calls booked from your leads.

The more sales calls you book, the more you will sell. 

It’s a simple method, and anyone can do it.

Once a lead has landed in your inbox, the goal of the initial phone/zoom call is to book a sales call.  I’m going to cover:

  • How *not* to come across, otherwise you’re sure to fail

  • How much you should be talking (hint: not a lot)

  • Why the speed of response is everything

  • Why acting like a doctor to prescribe the problem works

  • How to deal with “no” and common objections

  • Closing made easy

So let’s get started with the discovery call script!

4 Things To Remember: 90:80 KANF

90: Aim for a maximum 90 second lead to response time.

As soon as the lead arrives, call them.

Why? The key reason the prospect submitted the request is fresh in their mind. In an hour, they will have moved on to something else.

We’ve all walked into a store, ready to buy, but no one helped, so we just walked out again with nothing.

Prospects are the same.

80: Your prospect should be talking 80% of the time If you’re doing all the talking, you’ve already lost.

The prospect got in touch to buy something, so let them to tell you why.

KA - Keep Authority: When you come across as desperate, you lose the sale. 

Even if you are desperate, hide it.

Keep the authority and control on the phone, and don’t be afraid to polite push the prospect back.

You’re calling them to assess if they are the right fit for your business. You’re determining if a prospect is suitable to be your customer.

To become the authority, take a selective stance regarding customers. It’s crucial for company growth to only work with customers you can truly help. 

NF: No is Feedback, not “I don’t want to buy”.

“Refuse to attach a negative meaning to the word ‘no.’ View it as feedback. ‘No’ tells you to change your approach, create more value or try again later.”
– Anthony Iannarino

Three Parts Of The Call: QMB 

  • Question and clarify (90% of the call)

  • Match and social proof (5% of the call)

  • Book in (5% of the call)

Q: Question and Clarify (90%)

Clarify their goals with good questions

On the call, build rapport first.

  • “Hi, this is Tim from COMPANY, we just got your enquiry, is now a good time to talk, will only take 5 mins?”

If they are chatty, you can build rapport.

  • ”I see you are from CITY, looks like it is WEATHER there today?”

  • “You having a busy day?”

  • “How long have you been a JOB TITLE?”

  • “Are you just JOB TITLE for this COMPANY, or are you responsible for anything else?”

Explain the purpose and ask permission

  • “The purpose of this quick chat is to see if there is a good fit for our system at COMPANY. If there is, then we can then proceed to give you more information, is that OK?”

We need to ask questions to qualify the lead and work out how serious they are. The right questions will also concrete in the prospect’s mind why they need to solve this problem now. 

Get straight to the problem by pretending you’re a doctor. Doctors diagnose, then afterwards, they prescribe. You don’t just walk into a surgery and pick up any medicine before the doctor sees you! 

  • “Can I ask, what made you contact out to us? Why is this important to you right now?”

  •  “What prompted you to get in touch with us?”

  • “What's the business problem you want to fix with us?”

👆Do not be afraid to ask these questions - these work 💯

It is impossible to help unless you understand why they want your product. However, buyers that are serious about solving the problem will be happy to engage.

You will get some real insight into the answers, so start to dig a bit deeper. 

You need to find the emotional reason our solution is personally important to them.

Here’s how:

  • “How have you tried to solve this before? What happened?”

  • “Why now?”

  • “What’s your timeframe for getting this implemented?”

  • “What part of your job is most frustrating?”

  • “What's prompting you to do something about it now?”

  • “Do you have a budget for this project? If not, when can you get the budget?”

  • “Have you tried to solve this problem in the past? If so, why didn't that solution work?”

  • “What happens if you do nothing about the problem?”

  • “When do you need a solution in place?”

  • “Who is your current provider?”

Ask questions, listen, then ask the next best question. 

Once you’ve got a good idea of what they are after, summarise what they need.

  • “So you’re after a solution X to solve problem Y, which is personally important to you because of Z, right? Have I missed anything?”

Hopefully, now they will say YES!

M: Match and Social Proof (5%)

Now move on to matching your product and providing the social proof.

  • “We can definitely help with that like we have done similar at COMPANY with the same PROBLEM and got EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS.  You can see that company talking about the result OUR WEBSITE LINK. If that is of interest to you too?

B: Book in (5%)

  • “Great, the next step is a 30-minute consultation. In this we’ll show your our product in more detail, you’ll be able to ask questions, and we’ll specify a solution to your needs. Is there anyone else in the decision-making process that should be present for the Zoom call?” 

  • “Great, how does Tuesday at 2 pm next week look for you?”

What to do if things don’t go to plan…

No’s and objections are just a chance to dive deeper into what they need.

  • “I don’t have time today” - Go straight to demo -  “No problem, is 10 am on Thursday good for you?”

  • Price - can you give me a price? “Happy to give you pricing - it's going to be between $A and $B monthly. If you give me more information, I can be more specific. The quickest way to do this is by call/Zoom with yada yada"

  • Price - Rushed prospects: “I just want a price to go back to my team with”.
    Answer with a clarifying question: “Of course, what stage are you at with your PRODUCT research?”
    “100%, in order to see if our solution meets your needs we suggest a quick scoping cal. Then we can fully understand what you are trying to achieve. If there is a potential fit, we’ll send you a quotation to take to the COMPANY if there is a potential fit. Is that OK with you?” - Yes - then book in the next call. “No, I just need a price now” - OK, no problem, we run through it now do that now if you’ve got time, it will around take 20 mins...then go on to ask the questions and a mini-demo.

  • Timing - “I just don’t have time for a demo”. “Sounds like you’ve got a huge workload? What takes the most time? We can lower that within the first month, getting your time back going forwards. We have many customers who have saved so much time using our product that they are now getting these benefits. So I will slim the demo down to 20 mins, to you can make a quick judgement.”

  • My company won’t support this at this time - “No problem, if it something you personally want, I’m happy to a scoping call with a colleague to get them onside?”

Don’t forget, 90:80KANF, QMB. Keep control, don’t be afraid to ask hard questions, listen and let them talk.

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